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Aging. Morphological, Biochemical, Molecular and Social Aspects

Aging. Morphological, Biochemical, Molecular and Social Aspects

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"The book offers many new data and approaches in gerontological research and makes without any... mehr

"The book offers many new data and approaches in gerontological research and makes without any doubt stimulating reading for all who work in gerontology, geriatric research, but also forensic medicine." (Gerontology. International Journal of Experimental, Clinical and Behavioural Gerontology)

Contents: - Aging as a "Natural Process": Socioepidemiological and Biological Principles - Aging and Old Age in the Perspective of the History of Medicine and Culture - Evolutionary Aspects of Aging - The Aging Process: Major Risk Factor for Disease and Death - Demographic and Biological Implications of Human Aging - Research on Elderly Persons not Able to Content - Problems of Programmed Cell Death in Neurodegenerative Disorders - Age- and Disease-Related Changes of the Human Cerebral Cortex: Some Implications for Forensic Medicine - Molecular Mechanisms in Alzheimer's Disease - Aluminium and Alzheimer - Old Controversy with New Arguments - Blood Plasma Proteins in Alzheimer's Disease Patients - The Role of Collagen in the Aging of Bone - Accumulation of Non-Enzymatic Glycation Products on Proteins and DNA - Age-Dependent Changes in Proteoglycans of the Extracellular Matrix - Protein Modifications and Aging - Aging, Longevity, Determination and The Telomere Replicometer - Molecular Basis of Aging - Poly(ADP-Ribosyl)ation, Genomic Instability and Mammalian Life Span - Apoptosis in the Aging Skin - Aging and Mitochondria - Impact of Immunosenescence on Disease and Aging: Role of Telomere Attrition, Telomerase and Oxidative Damage as Factors Controlling Human T Tymphocyte Clonal Expansion Ability - Alterations in the Cytokine Systems of the Elderly - Abuse and Neglect of Elderly People in Residential Care - Epidemiology of Crime against the Elderly in Milan: Homicide Abuse and Sexual Violence - Homicides among the Elderly in Hamburg and Environment from 1983 until August 2000 - Pressure Sores among Elderlies in Nursing Homes: A Retrospective Analysis

Autor: M. Oehmichen, S. Ritz-Timme, C. Meissner
Einband: kartoniert
Format: DIN A5
ISBN: 978-3-7950-0324-1
Jahr: 2002
Seiten: 440
Sprachen: englisch
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